Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I have to say, that upon reviewing the prior post - I have given myself the appearance of the older fart in the world.

Thing 14 through Thing 23

Thing 14 - Technorati

I did a search for 'Learning 2.0" and got "sorry no blogs have this keyword" or some such message. Frankly I think just googling your interest + blog would give you better results.

Thing 15 – Web 2.0 & Libraries
Frankly I think saying that the Interweb is going to replace the traditional library is two things: 1. nonsense 2. making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Both the Internet and Libraries service the same purpose – as a storage facility for information (granted this is an extreme oversimplification) - good, bad, and otherwise. It’s a bit look comparing the pros and cons of a hand drill versus a cordless drill. In the end both do the same thing but in a different manner. Each serves its purpose and picks up the slack where the other fails.

Thing 16 – Wikis
Wikis are the greater democratizing and the anarchizing (I know it’s not a real word) of the reference world (with the internet as a whole being its base.) With all being able to participate anything is possible which is not always a good thing. IMHO wikis are thus - an interesting social experiment which are good for a quick search to settle a bet but not very good for deeper information.

Thing 17 – Sandbox Wikis
I must have missed the point of this one completely because sandbox wikis are just like bullion boards to me.

Thing 18 – Online Productivity Tools
This on went over my head as well. I have no problem saving stuff to a disk or sending stuff as an attachment. Frankly I prefer to have the apps on my computer because even if you have a wireless card in your laptop there is not guarantee that you can get an connection or for that matter if you can get a landline connection (DSL has been known to cut out when it rains) And then you are out of luck. Plus Office does much more. I’ll stick with Microsponge thank you very much.

Thing 19 – Web 2.0 awards list
I like Lulu.com. Granted I knew about way before 23things but I still think it’s cool. I like it that anybody has the ability to publish their book. Granted I think must of it is udder rubbish but sometimes you find gems.

Thing 20 – Youtube
I’m too lazy to current do what we are supposed to do for this assignment plus with my luck I’d clog up the server and have IT yelling at me. But I do know of Youtube, how to use it, and have wasted many an hour watching the stupid stuff my friends post.

Thing 21 – Podcasting
I listen to about four podcasts regularly all of which are hosted on podcast alley. I would you Itunes but they make you sign in even for the free stuff and I hate Apple and all their products as a general rule. Plus since I’m at work – the whole bandwidth issue comes into play.

Thing 22 – Audiobooks
I regularly listen to audio books from Audible.com & Overdrive. They’re great for long trips and just puttering about the house. It’s really simple to do all you have to do is pick your book and follow the onscreen directions.

Thing 23 – The End!
I like the idea of 23 things however I either know about most of these sites, used these sites with some regularity or just found the sites useless to me. Of course, I’m only one year older than the number of things on the list so I may have more awareness of what is out there than someone who is less tech savvy.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thing 13

I like del.icio.us (i wish it had a more senseable name however) I think it does the same thing as rollyo but better. The only think I don't like about it is that I organize my bookmarks in to folders which when imported into delicious fly completely out the window (or I haven't figured out how to save it in folders yet) making it difficult to find something simply.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Thing 11

Oh Something I forgot to add about librarything. I really hope that they add CD & DVD storage features to the site because that would total rock.

One more thing - pay the $25 for the lifetime membership. It is completely worth it.

Thing 12

Part 3 asks - "Create a post in your blog about your experience and link to your search roll. Can you see a potential use for tools like this?"

Honestly I will just keeping using google. You don't have to sign up for goggle and a google gave me more hits of want I wanted anyway. Maybe I'm a admin asst. not a librarian I don't really see much use for this.

Thing 11

I discovered Librarything about a year ago. I use it to keep track of my books, because it had a much nicer layout than the excel spreadsheet that I was using. If you are seriously considering putting large amounts of book into your LibThing - do your self a favor and spend the $15 and buy a cuecat. It cuts the work down by hours.

BTW - my Libthing name is p_kryg if anyone is interested.

Thing 10

I love avatar creators. I used mine as my blogger image.